Feb 7


done on purpose; deliberate.

Synonyms: Thoughtfully thorough. Focused. Purpose built. Solution centered. endetail.
Antonyms: Accidental. Mindlessness. Busyness. Uninformed.

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” – Walt Disney

No one would dispute that the greatest achievements are intentional.  They begin with a vision, transform into strategy, and then come to life through people, relationships, and hard work.  Realization of great design is not accidental.

At endetail, we believe that intentionality, substantiated by action and follow through, is at the core of every successful endeavor, every project, and every business relationship.

This is particularly true in retail, where every detail has the ability to impact the end-customer experience. Every color, every finish, every material can either add to or detract from the brand. Every deadline made or missed can impact the partner relationship.

In short, intentionality is important not just in the lifecycle of a given product or program, but in each aspect of the client relationship. It is about being thoughtfully thorough at every step of the way, practicing intentionality in all aspects of work.

What we’ve found is that this kind of intentionality does not happen by accident, it must be built into the core of the company culture.

5 Key Aspects of Intentionality:

Actively listening to learn, fostering an environment of accessibility and responsiveness, and anticipating and acting on client needs first

Defining goals and priorities and thinking through every potential outcome, all while having the expertise and mindfulness to keep the brand center stage

Pushing boundaries to develop purposeful design solutions that improve the customer experience and build brand loyalty, while knowing what can truly be brought to life

Collaboration & Communication
Establishing transparency, communicating proactively, knowing the partners to team with, nurturing creativity, and holding each other accountable to benchmarks, budgets and timelines

Going beyond day to day tasks and checklists, looking at everything within the context of a bigger picture, keeping everyone informed as a unit, and fully investing the time it takes to see a project past completion to perfection

All of this, of course, must be built on a strong foundation. Thoughtfulness around the team you choose to work with is the cornerstone of intentionality in any business setting. This is true at endetail where we are purposeful not only with who and how we hire, but also with the partners with whom we choose to work. Together, we share the vision and work with purpose. Deliberate, conscious objectives provide a clear roadmap and ensure every step along the way is pointed toward client success.

And our clients notice.

endetail is a boutique agency emphasizing an intimate, collaborative approach to the design, development and execution of retail and brand fixture programs. For more information, visit our website at www.endetail.com.